Follow your dreams
and they will guide you to the essence of beauty

With sincere devotion to follow your dreams, exposing yourself in process of discovery is truly a magical path, that will lead you to essence of beauty, uniqueness and revelation.
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Step inside and express the uncompromising truth in high-end audio realms. We’ve tried to discover it, have you?
Sound is difficult to understand, to measure and to capture. What is really beautiful in sound and which part disturbs us? What is an aggressive and cold sound and what is a sweet, warm and gentle one? What is a boring sound and what an exciting sound, what is an artificial sound and what a natural one? Our way to find the answer was, and still is, to listen carefully with humility and respect for real music, and to try out different solutions over and over again. With time, in some special and precious moments, after sincere devotion to the process of discovery, you feel like you are touching something beautiful and important, and as if "this something" is starting to touch you. In that case we are talking about a revelation and a crystal clear sign, an announcement of what it is to come. In following it is possible to reproduce what music conveys and tells our hearts and souls. After encountering this sign, no price, either paid in money or in effort, for persevering on this magical path of the true creativity, could be considered too high.
Soundstage audio perfection is deeply rooted to our goal for ultimate audio equipment production, without any compromise.
The outstanding care for details and manufacturing with maniacal precision, the best possible sound-related materials and forms, following exclusively our own aesthetic standards without regarding the solutions of others has lead us to impressive, beautiful and unique forms.
Leon Cebovski Collection


Leon Cebovski, founder of LCC, has been interested in music, arts, and technical design from his earliest youth. He studied visual arts and design at Accademia di belle Arti di Venezia and opera singing at Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello. He entered the audio world when he was still a student, first as a listener, bewitched by the beauty of sound and high fidelity musical reproduction. After experiencing a lot of frustration in the field, he decided to start to make audio equipment by him, according to his own sound and aesthetics standards, following passionately the soul and beauty of music, searching for very talented engineers around the world and collaborating with them. Read more